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What size Happy Napper should I order?  

Happy Nappers are available in two sizes!

Standard Happy Napper (54")

20” wide x 54” length

(Body: 20” x 43.5” / Pillow: 20” x 10.5”)

Large Happy Napper (66")

30” wide x 66” length

(Body: 30” x 49.5” /  Pillow: 30” x 16.5”)


When will my order ship? 

Your Happy Napper(s) will ship within a few days of placing your order, unless you were notified of a delay at the time of purchase.  You’ll receive a shipping email with tracking once your order has dispatched.

Please note that for orders of multiple Happy Nappers, all items will ship together once each of the characters/sizes purchased are available.


My child is in between sizes, which Happy Nappers size should I buy?  

We recommend ordering the larger size for more comfort. Plus, it gives them time to grow into it and enjoy it for longer! 


Are adult sizes available?

Sorry, Happy Nappers are designed for children and we don’t have adult sizes available just now!  However, the Large Happy Nappers do fit up to a height of 5.5 feet.


What are Happy Nappers made of?  

The Cover and lining are 100% Polyester, and the inner filling is 100% Polyester Fiber. 


How do I care for my Happy Nappers?  

Machine wash cold, making sure to close the zipper before washing. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron or dry clean.  


How hot are they to sleep in?

Happy Nappers are not as “heavy” as a traditional sleeping bag. It’s polyester with poly-fil so it’ll keep you comfy indoors!


How do I fold the Sleepy Sack into the Pillow? 

  1. Lay Happy Nappers™ Sleepy Sack Face down on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the unit upward to allow the base portion of the character to meet the upper. Secure the two button snaps on the lower/upper portion of the character.
  3. Flip the Happy Napper over.
  4. Stuff the body into the base of the character.
  5. Secure snaps under the front paws to the lower base of character.
  6. Happy Nappers™ Sleep Sack is ready to be used as a pillow or store away!


How do I wash and care for my Ditto The Hippo?

Please click here to view or download our instruction manual!